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Inside2Outside Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and installing structures – primarily tensile membrane structures – throughout the UK since 1991.

For the last 9 years, Inside2Outside Ltd has become increasingly involved in the research and development of Tensile PV.

TensilePV is a lightweight flexible form of solar photovoltaic membrane. We believe that this is the future of affordable solar PV and that it is worth devoting considerable time and effort to make this work.

Fortunately others agree and Inside2Outside Ltd has received considerable funding from the UK government – through InnovateUK and from Europe, through its F7 funding scheme for European funding. Inside2Outside Ltd is the lead company in much of this work, but has partnered with companies such as TATA Steel, Siemens and SKANSKA and research institutes such as The Fraunhofer Institute, UK-CPI, SPECIFIC, Cambridge and Swansea Universities among others to achieve this aim.

Industrial research and development of this magnitude was splitting the company along a natural divide, so in early 2015, we decided to ‘ratify’ this divide and to split off the structure design, manufacture and installation side of the company into i2o Ltd.

i2o Ltd is essentially the design development and installation side of Inside2Outside Ltd, which it has taken on lock stock and two smoking barrels, directly from inside2outside, together with all the workforce concurrently working at that time.

I2o Ltd has embraced the purpose of Inside2Outside Ltd: The purpose of our companies is to develop innovative products to meet market needs that can be scaled.

Our standard tensile structures – recognise the demand – easily scales

The Solar Car Parking structures – all designed so that it is easier for us to make lots of them at once

The tensile PV – we are designing for large scale – to reduce the costs, so develop the market need for large scale.

I2o Ltd has embraced the values of Inside2Outside Ltd:




We do endeavour to work by our values as a company.

These apply not just to us within company, but equally to our customers and to our suppliers.

We believe things just work better if you work together.

i2o Ltd is essentially the design, manufacturing and installation side of Inside2Outside Ltd.

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